5 Tips to Safeguard Your Home or Business During Fall Weather

Regular maintenance around your home and business can help reduce the risk of water and fire damage year-round. Before fall comes around, follow these simple steps to safeguard your home and business from potential fire or water damage.


Clogged Gutters

It is very important to clean your gutters before the fall as summer storms may have driven leaves, pine straw, small branches, and other debris into the gutter system. Gutters help remove water from your roof and divert it away from your property's foundation. Clogged or overflowing gutters can damage your roof, trim, structure, and siding. The additional weight from a clog can also cause your gutters to pull away from your property, compromising the structural integrity of your roof and gutter system.


One of the best things you can do to prepare your property for the fall is to clear debris that summer storms may have left behind on your roof and in drains. Even a small pile of debris on your roof can hold moisture and can potentially rot or mold, damaging the roofing material beneath it. Wet leaves and other natural debris can become heavy, and over time compromises the structural integrity of your roofing system.


The ideal time to clean your chimney is as fall and colder weather approach. Excessive soot buildup is flammable and can pose a fire hazard when you decide to use your chimney.


Weather in late fall can drop below freezing, causing the hose bib to freeze. When pipes freeze, the ice expands and causes them to burst. This can lead to costly water damage to your property. It's best to disconnect the hose and drain all of the water in your exterior pipes.


Before cranking up the heat for colder weather, ensure your heating system is functioning properly by getting a tune-up. It's also the ideal time to replace your filter.

Fire Damage

Spending a few hours on property maintenance every fall can help prevent costly fire or water damage to your home or business. If you do not feel comfortable performing these maintenance tips on your own, we suggest hiring a professional. Should you experience a water or fire loss during the fall, our team at All Restoration Solutions is here 24/7 to get your property back to its pre-loss condition while minimizing interruption to your day-to-day.

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